Watch Out for Phishing Emails!
Hi Auctiva and everyone reading this, I have just received an email that was very professionally done and dispatched from a spoofed "support@auctiva.com".

The email requested an eBay token relinking and provided a button that links to a login page same as auctiva but on a different domain. Even when I have a trained eye for these things, it almost got me fooled.

I tried entering "a" for both username and password and it did login successfully and brings you to another phishing page that resembles an eBay page. I guess you know what happens from here on...

Just want to warn everybody to keep a sharp eye on these emails, especially when we think our listing might get affected if we don't comply immediately. The link and domain name is always the giveaway to phishing sites. Hope this reaches out to everyone in time before someone got tricked and get their ebay account or even worse paypal one falling into the wrong hands.

Here's a screenie of the phishing email:
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Also as a suggestion, it will be great if the Auctiva newsletter warns/gives tips about these phishing emails periodically to prevent anyone falling into their traps. Smile
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Both ebay and paypal have a "spoof" email address where you can sent suspicious emails for verification and investigation. Does Auctivea have one?
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We ask that you forward phishing or spoof email that claim to be from Auctiva to abuse@auctiva.com.

Here is a link to a story we posted in January about phishing emails and ways to protect yourself: Don't get Phished In

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