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"Times Are Changing. Are You?"
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This is an excellent article regarding eBay and online selling in general.
I really feel eBay will soon be an overstock warehouse catering to shoppers and not bidders. I see the future of true auctions taken place on sites like swoopo and eBays sister site Yarpool as well. I know sellers like myself have had enough of feebay for years now.'s coming..CHANGE..That is! Oh yeah, I used to use Auctiva back in 2006 and it was a excellent service. I hope you guys will assist up&coming competitor sites as well and not just sit on eBays back.
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We Have A new Auction Site And Are Giving Away Lifetime FREE Seller Accounts ....
We Are Always Going to Have FREE Basic Listings For Everyone .....
Feel Free to Post your Items !
search google for Bidntrade
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We dealndeals miss the good ole days! It's sad to have to find a new place to auction off our items. We have been looking for some time now. We struggled with the idea of selling on-line with ebid and the likes, but now?? with all the FEES, We have no choice but to search for some place else to auction off our antiques and vintage jewelry. We never liked the idea of eBay changing the market place to make them more like Amazon. It's sad that eBay didn't think they were making enough off all the FEES eBay charges us sellers. All the changes and fees have only discouraged this seller! Thanks good folks, for listing a couple other places I hadn't seen. I will check them out. Auctiva! We loved using your templates but we don't think it ever made a sale that much better for us. We tried both ways, using Auctive, time consuming! and just a plain listing with eBay...faster to do...neither helped us out much in this rough economy. We are charged too many FEES to give our items away! HELP!! Don Deal
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I do agree with the fact that hopefully auctiva will venture into other online sites. Perhaps a Radio Buttons, where you could possibly choose & dot in the button.
Ebay auction, ebay Fixed, Ebay Store, Auctiva Commerce, Etsy auction. . .amazon. . etc. with other sites. Something simple and easy to use. I wish Auctiva had done this with their commerce, or at least used similar format, (which is simple cut and dry) as the present format is hard for people who do not know much about opening stores. Yes, there is a price for adding these things, but ones needs could be a add on fee for those who want these add-ons. (not ABSURD fees, something reasonable so people can afford to use them).
I think in light of what ebay has pulled on Auctiva, if I were auctiva, (and no I am not) I would for sure be looking into other companies as I can assure you.. if ebays history with sellers is an indicator, they will be back to gobble up a little more of auctiva profits just as they have done with sellers.

This is just food for thought!!
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It seems to me "Auctiva" could be substituted for "eBay" in this article...
Without question, online sellers have recently struggled and strained to maintain a profitable livelihood in eBay's ever-changing marketplace. From the shrewdly shifting of fees to increased pressure to price lower and ship for free,, eBay has presented sellers with significant challenges that have been deemed as "unfriendly" by some longtime merchants.

It has been a couple months since I last listed and Auctiva has made some changes I do NOT like.
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I just read the ebay did somthing to Auctiva: I do not know what they did can anyone fill me in?

I know what ebay has done to the sellers so I opened an Auctiva e commerce store:

I have not finished it for I have a ton of listing to create: but would love your thoughts and what you think of it. If you have a chance to stop by take a look:

personally I think auctiva has made it easy for me to get started and I am really excited about it. But I know I have alot to learn.

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