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"Prompt Shipping Gets 5-Star Treatment"
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You can read "Prompt Shipping Gets 5-Star Treatment" here. Reply to this message to discuss it.
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IF and again I say IF I am interpreting this correctly the item has to be received 4 days after you ship in order to get this automatic 5 star. Or at least that is my interpretation from ebay forums.

More crap (can we say crap on here??). .looks like we get a break until you read the fine print. If anyone is interpreting this differently pls. straighten me out so my blood pressure can level off (thankfully I do not have BP problem but if I did it would be up)

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I am interpreting it the same way you are. As always, it all boils down to how long the POST OFFICE takes to deliver the item. On the upside, the packages that DO arrive in 4 days will be an automatic 5 star rating (as long as the buyer bothers to give FB). Actually it's about time they did something like this..

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We also have to change or time on listings to 1 day, so lets all spend time before holidays changing listings for how many times this year?

Forum person with ebay says if you do not think your package will get there to change shipping carrier/method.

I am sure someone buying a bag of screws, lipstick, lightweight top, shorts, kid dress, etc., and 100,000 thousands of other items weighing 13 ounces and under are going to want to pay an extra $2.00 - $3.00 shipping to get item in 4 days, then they can get you on ship costs? (unless you ship free which is what ebay wants because it puts more $$$$$$ in their pockets.

Actually post office on most places from NC shows ESTIMATED 3 days for Priority Mail,
ESTIMATED being key word. (first class and parcel longer) Hope we do not have a Christmas Holiday slow down, post office strike, or in our facility they have cut back on workers and I hear people constantly complain about mail running slower. They just say, yeah, we have had to cut back. Hurricanes, wildfires, etc., that may slow this down.

I agree they needed something and I LOVE the concept but do not feel 4 days will is the solution if they 'really' want a solution. Looks like another throw the dogs a bone, they will be thrilled (until they read the fine print).

Next thing you know we will be required to Hand deliver each package.

Another little glitch here.. you get yellow notice to pick up package at post office, person does not do it for say 5 - 10 - 15 days. So would not show receipt until person picks up, again not your fault. You just have to hope that buyer puts in 5 stars.. some will. .some won't.

They sure are pushing people to open ecommerce stores. And honestly if I had more computer skills I would be on that wagon. I am just not sure I have time, patience, etc. to do it, as the forums and my earlier attempt scared me off somewhat.

Sorry for venting. . but do feel it is good news bad news. Great if you sell lots in your city, bad if you don't.

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This is an absolute joke!! I sell aircraft manuals on CD from Australia, and 95% of my buyers are from Europe or North America. Even if I offered the fastest shipping method (which would cost more than the value of the item sold) it can still take upwards of 2 or even 3 weeks for items to arrive!!

As always, the seller is being held at gunpoint by an organisation that cares about nobody's back pocket apart from their own!

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As so often, eBay once again makes a half-hearted attempt to fix a problem that is entirely of their own creation.

Yes, it is wonderful that finally buyers can no longer give negative star ratings for issues that have nothing to do with seller performance (e.g. having bid too much, feeling remorse, getting in trouble with spouse, and so on - solution? Make the seller the "guilty party" by downgrading his/her score).

Now, having made this positive change, they stuff it up by making unrealistic side-conditions. If the seller ships within a day, then the rest is up to the post office (i.e. outside the control of the seller). The seller is therefore made responsible for the performance of an organisation (the post office) that has a questionable reputation in many cases, and the performance of which can get very poor at critical times (e.g. Christmas holiday season, and similar).

Use a faster shipping service? Well, yes, if there is one - but here in Australia, we have one shipping speed, and that's it. It is usually very fast, but if something goes wrong and a package takes longer than usual to arrive, it isn't anything I could have prevented - if the post office is slow, there is nothing I can do about it. So, why am I held responsible for it?

For once, eBay, show some positive leadership and make a change to policy properly, not 2 steps forward and 1 step back (or is it the other way around?)
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In US fastest is express/overnight and it is NOT even GUARANTEED and is VERY EXPENSIVE. I have specifically been asked 2 times to use it for men who "forgot" it was Christmas until the day or two before Christmas. 99.9% of people would NOT buy if they had to pay that.

UPS is slower that priority mail normally. Post office website says " "ESTIMATED 3 DAYS". My post office Expresses the words "ESTIMATED 3 DAYS" When I questioned them they said all postal facilities are cutting back on staff and things will be getting slower as more cuts are done.

Again, no control over the Post Office. Maybe next year they will ask us to hand deliver our items?

Clueless people they are and obviously have NEVER sold or shipped using their own creation.

One thing I do have to say about auctiva, is some of their people actually have used their system so they are not clueless.

Please if this is a problem, write on ebay forums. . may not do any good...but they do need to see that people are a little excited about this I am sure they do not read these forums.
Not real sure they read their own . . but we will hope they do.

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We just got a negative feedback! Why? Here is the story:

1) Payment received at 06:22

2) Article shipped at 09:00 same day (i.e. 2 hours and 38 minutes after PayPal payment, and it only took that long because the post office wasn't open before that). Basically, instant shipping - it just couldn't have been done any faster.

3) The article arrives in Canada less than 3 days later - an excellent delivery time, considering it travelled all the way from Australia.

So, we deserve a 5-star rating and positive feedback for extra good performance, right?


We get negative feedback instead. Why?

Because the Canadian Customs Department decides to have a look at the package (fair enough), but has been sitting on it for 24 days so far. Tracking information clearly shows where the package is - in Vancouver, waiting to be processed by Customs.

The buyer blames us. She claims that we didn't ship it in a safe way (how is it unsafe if it arrives in less than 3 days and gets held by customs)? She claims that we should have shipped it in a way that wouldn't be delayed in Customs (impossible), and so on.

So, as usual in these cases, the eBay feedback system protects the buyer who can spread implied lies about our inefficiency. Our reputation is tarnished (even though there is no way we could have been any more efficient), and eBay hides behind their usual excuse that they don't get involved in the feedback process...

eBay logic is grand, isn't it?
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Mashb99. . I feel your pain. You never grow totally numb to it, but the first few are killers because they are usually so unfair.

Ebay has it set up so sellers are failures!! No matter what we do more is expected.

I would LOVE to grade them on some of their brainstorms. I would love to grade their outsourced phone calls who inform you of changes 3 times by phone in one week but can't answer anything.. poor!! Guess they bombard with calls when they make changes so it looks like they are wonderful, customer oriented.

I am truly sorry this happened to you over something you have NO control over.


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This is just another magical idea conjured up by some pen-pushers in an office who are obviously paid to 'get buyers to bid higher so we make more on fees'.

As others have said, it only works if the buyer lets ebay know that the item has arrived and some/many, won't! It doesn't matter to either the buyer or ebay how sellers are perceived and more and more buyers are twigging on to the fact that they can push for discounts, part/full refunds etc just by threatening their seller if the seller doesn't come up with the goods!

It's like the other gem they recently introduced whereby any case opened against a seller, or any neg f/b, now count against them in many ways.....EVEN if the seller resolves the case amicably with the buyer! How wrong is that?!!

2 recent examples for me, both within 2 days of each other - like buses, nowt for months and then they all come at once!

Case 1: Buyer unhappy with condition of 'used' shirt. No contact made for me to resolve/refund, just a negative feedback left. So, I am penalised because buyer couldn't be arsed to let me know...

Case 2: Belgian woman opens INR dispute after 5 days - 2 of those on a weekend! WHY? Because I opened one against her for non-payment! Upon asking why she had retaliated in this way the response I got was:

" You were too hasty in opening a dispute against me and did not give me time to pay. I was also bidding on another item and wanted discount"

I replied:

"After 11 days, 3 invoices and 2 emails, with NO CONTACT whatsoever, I feel I was entirely justified in opening a dispute against you. You also, did NOT inform me of your intentions to bid on multiple items hence the slow payment, so as a seller, I have to use the only protection I have. Had you informed me of your intentions, all this could have been avoided".

She came back with a bizarre reply, which made no sense but as it was only for £4, I refunded and sent a final email saying that I had refunded and that no doubt, the shirt would arrive in good time and she would then have both her shirt and my money!

The first case apologised citing he did not know the process - 349 f/b!! – and removed and revised his negative f/b. It’s absolutely crazy that this is allowed when I am a Top Rated and Power seller and can have my reputation tarnished by folk unwilling to communicate.

I have 2 ideas that I think would work better for both parties but doubt very much if Ebay would take notice of them!
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