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"Ask the CEO: How Will You Drive Traffic to Auctiva Commerce Stores?"
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I've been networking, making new friends and updating old friends.I'm not normally a blogger, but I've become one in several places and have gotten a lot of interest from fellow bloggers.
Word of mouth is the most powerful tool. Posting on other sites and answering questions as well as correcting assumptions (it's going to be an ebay replacement) has generated a lot of discussion.

We're planning on making Auctiva a full time venture by next year, so we're also printing out and distributing business cards.

The message boards here have been so great! I've "met" so many firends and have learned so much. In fact Terri of Terri's Treasures made me feel so welcomed and at home that I put aside my normal skepticism of new ventures and jumped right in with both feet. THAT'S the perfect example of word of mouth. ONE person is all it took to make me feel confident enough to do this. I in turn got my husband interested, and we have gotten a total of 5 people to sign up at Auctiva. One person then got a friend to sign up, so the snowball effect is in place.
So, I'll let Auctiva deal with Google et al, and I'll do what I do best, keep spreading the word. THAT'S the BEST way to drive traffic to Autiva.

With God all things are possible.

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I've enjoyed Auctiva for a couple years now. I know it's had its issues with technical difficulties; but, what site does not?
My question is, How long is Auctiva going to stay in bed with eBay? Is the Auctiva Store idea a means of expanding or moving away from ebay? And, finally, when will Auctiva begin negotiations with alternatives to eBay?
As one of the leaders of the eBay Boycott team, I must admit, I find it sad that Auctiva has not jumped on the band wagon to try and include more alternates to gain more clients.
Thank you;
Despite falling numbers?
Are you guys serious? The ONLY reason ebay is strong still is because of it's past investments. $8 billion in cash can keep many companies afloat for quite a while. Spin can work for a while too. And, ebay has a lot of both.
What can I offer as proof? That in Feb 2008 a week long boycott was called for, and listings dropped from nearly 20 million to 12 million, despite ebay's efforts to entice many more listings with special listings days that would continue through the boycott?
The May 1st and Beyond Boycott campaign which is still ongoing?
During this time ebay has seen a dwindling of sales, and traffic (although traffic is not indicative of sales).
That ebay has artificially inflated listings by somehow combining SDC (shopping dot com) items on the ebay site. EBay claims this was a glitch, and that it affected about 35,000 listings. However, evidence has pointed to the listings being actually in the millions. It was also a very convenient time to have this glitch occur. I've rarely seen glitches that are convenient or work favorably for people.

No, there is still more proof that eBay is in deep trouble. EBay stocks were at $40 in Oct 2007. Today, after hours closing has ebay at 11.86 and dropping!
While ebay and apparently Auctiva wish to pretend the news is not bleak, dropping from above $40 to under $12 in 15 months is disasterous. Especially when your competition is claiming their best Christmas EVER!

Please join the eBay boycott,
it IS working,
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This is all nice and informative, but one has to spend to make money. I don't have a marketing degree, but run any business and one will have to read all the ad gimmicks and think of new tricks also. I Have noticed sales decrease since September 2008 on my eBay store while ebay keeps making exemptions as to promotions. Ebay is not all at fault, but did play a big role with the only Paypal policy BS!

The promotional or list for three days in January didn't help since exemptions were placed on collectibles and basically almost every very low dollar category for the January promotion. What also eBay wants people to do is buy into advertising programs to promote. Thyen, restrictions on how to get credits for your listings.

There seems to be a good company called which costs one $30, but your site is submitted to something like half a million search engines.

Be creative aslo. Nobody said you can't mention coupons in Google Base feeds. Coupons are a good marketing tool, but do take time to word correctly. You don't need a coupon software maker program just something where you can ecport coupons as JPEGs or a PDF. What's nice is you can limit the use in Auctiva Commerce. Just wish the system would generate a random bar code tioed back to one's email address as to people requesting coupons.

Screw eBay and get the e-mail addresses after people win an items. Use a site like to let people know your out there. It's free by the way and was pretty easy to use.

Best Regards,

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