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"Take Product Pics that Sell"
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Ok, eBay boycott aside, and nevermind the fact I no longer shop on eBay because of their policies that despise the small time seller (and by small time, I mean anything less than 1/2 a million per month). So, since eBay is a non-factor for many sellers, that part of the article is irrelevant. However, since people can and do sell successfully on other sites like Onlineauction, Ioffer, etsy, Amazon, Bonanzle, or a host of other places, this is still great info.
In the article it states "I won't overwhelm you with instances, but I tested these shoes in several eBay searches, including the gallery display, inside my store, mixed in with other shoes on a full page of results, etc., and found that viewers' eyes focused in on the stylized shot first, the all-white background second and the unplanned shot last."
Obviously, because of the location of the top photo, that was the first photo I noticed. Interestingly, as I scrolled down a bit, without having even read the entire paragraph I noticed the picture of the "stylized shot" immediately, and then the white background photo. (I did have one issue with that photo, and that is the bench and stuff in the background gave me the feeling the "crocks" were used. So, I'd keep that in mind too). But, I have to admit, however, the "stylized shot" does make them more attractive, than the other two items. Interesting, as I never thought I was gullible enough to fall for those "marketing tricks". (NOT that i'd buy them anyway; just that they look way better than the other two photos. Interesting).
Thanks for the tips;
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I have to disagree with you about camera pixel count.I had been using an older Canon A60 camera(2 MP) and when it failed I switched to a newer A590(8MP).The newer camera actually made worse pictures.After doing some Google searching I learned the reason.Camera makers push pixel count because people think higher pixels is better.But the problem is that each pixel is much smaller in cameras with more pixels than cameras with less, with each pixel producing much less light.So,the camera has to amplify the light more in higher pixel cameras than lower pixel ones.More amplification always results in more noise in the picture.Then the camera manufacturer has to put in more noise reducing software to reduce the noise.That ends up softening the picture.Anyway,I got the A60 repaired for free(Canon recall) and take better pictures now than from a later,supposedly better higher pixel camera.You can't take advantage of the higher pixel count anyway or your pictures would be larger than Auctiva allows and too slow to download.The only good high pixel cameras are the expensive ones with much larger sensors resulting in larger pixels which are the SLR cameras like the Canon Rebel,etc.
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Thanks for the tips. I spend a lot of time "scrubbing" backgrounds out of my photos. I will reconsider.

Trouble proceeds from the mouth.
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Thank you very much for the informative article, Cindy. I enjoyed it very much.
I agree that in almost every case of my sales, the photo is what brought the buyers into my shop.
I have proven it to myself on more than one occasion as well...
I've had items that have sat in my eBay store for awhile. Upon closer inspection, I always go over the listings to see if I've made a mistake in the listing, etc. I'll almost always find a picture that is non-flattering to the subject itme. Most times it is a photo that is dark and you cannot see the details of the item.
I have two small lights for my picture tent and one of them is not as bright as the other, even with the same watt bulb.
I will take new photos of the item, relist it in auction and have the item sell!
I have created the stylized photos and really enjoy the setup in photographing these. You are very right does take time and effort. I would never do this for an item that sells around 10.00. Just not enough profit realized.
I appreciate all your information and techniques. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

Mary Evans
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