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1 Cent Listings-I'm I Thinking Clearly?

Hi Everyone!
Am I missing something or perhaps not thinking clearly?
As a new seller, of personal items vs. wholesale>retail for profit, I'm already losing money on sales.
This "Sale" would save you what $0.14 for the insertion fee, but...
1). As eveyone knows, buyers aren't thrilled with "reserves"; often skipping those lisitings.
2). Starting your listing at $0.99 or less puts you at the sole discretion of the "bidders du jour".
3). As I seen, in this economy, buyers are almost expecting the seller to pay them for buying the item! Even 50% off retail is leaving them cold.
4). To protect yourself you'd have to have a "Reserve" which cost $2.00 (I think). This is refunded IF the item sells; correct?
5). However, if the item does not sell/make it to the "Reserve" price, ebay makes $1.86 if the listing does not sell vs. just the original listing fee of ~$0.40, etc.

I am figuring this correctly? Thanks for double checking my logic &/or math.
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