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Reply to "1 Cent Listings-I'm I Thinking Clearly?"

You are correct that you are only saving 14 cents (media category) on this penny sale promotion, or 24 cents if not in the media category.

My opinion on 1 cent or 99 cent sales is they are a WASTE OF TIME.

I recently listed something at 99 cents because I wanted to get rid of it. It had already been listed twice before at 9.99 and 4.99 unsuccessfully.

Well, it sold for 99 cents. Paid for by Paypal. Postage was $4.60.

So if you take the listing fee, FVF fee, and Paypal fee on $5.59, I netted 24 cents. Consider I listed it twice before and the net LOSS is -60 cents or so.

Even had I not listed it twice before, net earnings of 24 cents to take pictures, list, pack, and take to PO, is a WASTE OF TIME.

Reserve fees are NO LONGER REFUNDED even if the item sells, so add that $2.00 to your costs.
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