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Reply to "1 Cent Listings-I'm I Thinking Clearly?"

Hi JeffS!
Thank you so much! I knew their spin of things such as "new/cheaper" insertion fees, (back ended with 3%+ increase in FVF), were baloney, but I just wanted to see if I was losing it all together or not.
Thanks too for the info on the reserve fee not being refunded; even if bought.
One more fee increase which was slipped into the mix; apparently not noticed by, at the minimum, myself.

Anyone having any luck elsewhere? Fenton Glass, bears, collectibles, &/or that "flea market" stuff that ebay doesn't like anymore.
I read something last night about a UK site where sellers and buyers pay part of the FVF. Unfortunately there was no name in the article to direct you to the site-oops on their part.
The problem seems to be the traffic, so if someone would create a bombshell site that all sellers could jump over to...listening Auctiva? We want you!!!

Thanks again JeffS
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