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You can't do that no longer!
If you list an item that costs you 4.80 in fees....if you drop the price of this item to a lower fee will NOT receive a refund of any kind.
Ebay use to give you credit for this but now they do not. I have written Ebay but they do not give a sensible answer back.
Many times I have started a listing at 49.00 and then 5 days later (if no bids) lowered it to 24.00 which always gave me a refund...not no more!
Please let me know if this has happenend to anyone else.
Originally posted by Magie Noire:
For those who sell expensive items, the best way to save some moola is to cancel and relist them at the .10 rate. Bring up 2 pages, with one page you go in and drop the price below $1.00 and then with the other page you immediately end the listing. Then you go back and relist the item under sell simular at the .10 rate. Some sellers can save $4.95 an item doing this.

I have no idea about the other deal. I don't think you will get the .10 relist special. I'm 95% sure you won't. Hey, I could be wrong.
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