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This is not what this is actually saying.
The original post from Jeff says nothing about canceling an ongoing listing and relisting!
This would make no sense since Ebay no longer gives you credit for lowering your price of the auction.
The point of this originally was~~~~make up fake listings and cancel them right away. You can always make them up at a high price which would actually save you 4.70 if your item sells when relisting.
If you SELL 20 items at high prices within the 90 days, you are saving almost $100~~~40 items almost $200 and so on.......
The more that people respond to this subject...the more mixed up it gets!
I started doing this a few cheap listing days ago because something always went wrong and did not allow me to list as much as I had ready. Something always goes wrong on these days!
I do not list expensive items so it doesn't help me as much.
And who cares if Ebay has these 10 cent listing days every 90 days or not!!
Take advantage of it when they do!!!
Simple as that!
Originally posted by Roamer:
What the above post actually says is "you are building up credits at the 10 cent rate"..this sounds like after you have cancelled your 35 cent listings and later relisted them at the 10 cent rate, you will receive a credit of 10 cents!! I assume, if people have done this, that they are actually receiving the 35 cent credit for the original listing, otherwise they wouldnt't be doing it. Sorry but I get confused when people post with poor logic and syntax. And I still need to know, can you count on having a 10 cent sale every 90 days?? Confused
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