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Look at Scholartimes response~~~they have explained this issue perfectly!
You WILL be charged the regular rate on a relist BUT IF the item sells...Ebay refunds this amount to you.
So you are actually paying 10 cents.
Also remember~~~if you change prices on your listing while the original 10 cent listing is will not be charged more BUT you cannot do that on a relist.
You cannot charge more than your original price was or you will lose the relist credit.
But this is the way all relists are. Smile
Originally posted by vanman2usa:
well i had to try this out for myself so i tried relisting one of my closed listings that i put up for 10 cents day and when I looked at fee before submitting it was back to original $2.40 price so I think ebay has gotten wise or maybe because that closed listing had a buyer or it was not closed in time. I suggest you test one out before going crazy listing a lot of empty listings.
Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
Here is a dirty trick. I'm not sure how I feel about it but I've seen some big sellers do it and so far eBay has looked the other way.

It goes something like this... Create listings as quickly as you can at your normal prices. Then immediately after they start them you can end them early. Then you have 90 days to relist those auctions and they are relisted at the 10 cent price. If the item sells you've got your listing for 10 cents. If it doesnt sell I guess you pay the normal price, but that's no worse than you would have paid normally.

What some sellers do is create as many listings now as they'd normally launch in 3 months. Then over the 3 months they just use those relists to list the items. It's basically a way to get all your next 3 months worth of listings at the 10 cent price. Basically what you are doing is building up a huge pool of relist credits at the 10 cent rate.

Dirty, but so far it's allowed. Just be sure to end your items immediately after listing them. It's not fair to other sellers to muck up the search results with your empty listings.

If your a seller listing $500 items this could save you nearly $5 per item you list.

Some sellers are afraid that things like this may make eBay give up on 10 cent listing days. Others already hate them because their categories are filled with junk and their sell through rates suffer. Personally I think eBay already accounts for things like this happening when they fact in the cost of doing a day like this. I also think eBay isn't doing days like this out of the goodness of their heart. They're trying to either pump up their quarterly #'s or they're preplanning for a holiday when listing counts would otherwise drop by seeing th e site now with cheaper listings. In short these 10 cent listing days are needed to keep listing counts high and vital.
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