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This issue IS getting confusing!!
I don't think I'm confused though because I've been doing it for awhile and I know how it works...or doesn't.
I don't list big dollar items so it doesn't save me a lot but it helps.
If Ebay ever~~EVER~~cuts us off from doing this ...I am going to bitch my head off because I think there are other issues that they have "looked the other way at" that has to cost them much more money than this!
I am going to say what's on my mind and would like your opinion on this issue...hope your not one of these sellers...but nothing personal!

I think that the sellers who start their auctions at a penny~~~~~and charge a large..unjustified shipping fee should be stopped!
These people are making their money on the shipping and Ebay gets no percentage of that!
20 cents is what Ebay gets for the listing.
I know that Ebay makes money off of Paypal which is probably used for most of these sells but I just think this is wrong!
Sellers are selling vases for one penny and charging $40 to $50 for shipping.
In a way this also deceives the buyer.
I could go on but I think I have vented enough for now.
Have a nice weekend!
Originally posted by scholartime:
Now, if you posted extra items and immediately stopped them:

You can use any one of those auctions to 'relist' an item. You don't have to list the same item. You can change everything and anything about the listing. You will be charged all the applicable fees.

HOWEVER, and this is where the savings come in, IF the item sells this time around, you will be credited back every penny you paid for the second listing. You will only be out the initial 10-cents.

The risk: If it doesn't sell, you're out the initial 10-cents + whatever other fees you paid the second time.

I am not making a statement on whether or not it is ethical or legal or within eBay's TOS, I'm just trying to clear up the confusion.
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