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Does Ebay think that this book is still in use?
I did have a cap gun once that they ended but I see all kinds of guns on Ebay so I never did figure it out.
I know someone was having trouble listing a gun the other day (wouldn't launch) and Jeff told them that guns were not allowed but I got the same message from Ebay about Post Cards.
So if something doesn't launch from this site, I would try it again.
I know this is different than Ebay actually stopping a listing. I would find out why.?
I also have the merchandise which would fill all of my "fake listings" but never have the time to prepare for one of these days!
And then something always goes wrong and this is why I started listing dummy ads.
Originally posted by scholartime:
BTW, I don't know if I'm 'one of those sellers'. Smile I charge a fair price for my items and I charge a handling fee that covers my expenses for supplies. I feel that is fair. My time and gas are not free.

I don't list extra items on 10-cent days that I don't have to sell. I don't list dummy auctions of any kind. I sell textbooks and I have 30 copies of each. So, on 10-cent day, I list 3 auctions for 10 of the books. Then, if I think of something I want to list instead, I will use one of those extra listings and revise it. I feel this is fair because I actually have the items if someone buys them all.

But, that's just how I do things. Smile
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