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Reply to "A Message from Bill Cobb: Resetting the Balance of the eBay Marketplace"

Well, I for one am closing my eBay store at the end of this month and will no longer be using the refid link to my eBay store Store.

edited 7-21-2006: I will be leaving my eBay store up for the next two months. I'm loading it up with store items up until 11:59pm on the 21st of August.

After that date the new fee's come into play. Before that date all store items will have the old fee's and fvf.

Ebay will have quarterly reports to make to their board of directors end of September. This should prove interesting.

I opened another store on ecrater and have been busy filling it. Got my va. store started and have been busy working on another domain name that I purchased.

I have no plans to stop selling on ebay, (because as hubster says..Everybody knows eBay) but I'm still continuing to branch out and I will be just as successful at those ventures, too.

I'll be using the Auctiva Store Link...At least I can cross promote that way.

I had REALLY hoped and kept my fingers crossed that Auctiva would come through with an ecrater type of store.

I don't want you to be another auction site..Puhleeeeze..who would want to go up against eBay and Google? I was hoping and keeping my fingers crossed was more of an ecrater type of store-front..a Buy it Now storefront. There are those that don't have their own domain names or don't know about getting their feeds to Froogle nor have the time to build a site from bottom up or the big buckeroo's to have someone build a site for them.

Plain and simple. What I and others would want is the store (not the showcase) that we have via Auctiva that would incorporate GBuy, the use of Sellathon, UPIC insurance and the cross selling abilities.

If the buzz that I'm seeing on ALL of the boards I belong to is any sign of whats to come.............

EBAY sellers are shutting down their stores (which is what eBay wants) and fleeing to ecrater and/or building their own site.(eBay is hoping we'll put up more Auctions, Buy It Now, Fixed Price Listings, but I won't)

I have no intentions of leaving Auctiva. I'm pleased as peaches with what I receive and the manner in which I receive your product Jeff.

However think on this...I'm cutting out my store and doing my sales different with eBay due to the latest announcement in regards to fee's. The amount of my links back to Auctiva will be cut by 1/2 to 3/4 within the next month.

That equates to less Auctiva links out there on eBay from this one seller.

As I stated I'm in the process of having my Store Auctiva url
placed on every auction, on every email, my websites and more.

That doesn't mean that my own site, other domain names, my many ecraters, Bluejay and Bidville are taking a back seat though.

I'm glad you didn't fry up in the heat!
Thanks for your insight and thoughts.

My Best,
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