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Reply to "A Message from Bill Cobb: Resetting the Balance of the eBay Marketplace"

Originally posted by wayoutwest:

Items listed on China site will show up on other sites, but many know if it's a china listing it's a fake or fraud so wont buy from there. And, you have to be able to read chinese to sell on site (plus be able to accept payments in yuan/RenMinBi -- chinese currency -- and be willing to ship to China)

There's the "loophole" I was trying to dig up from the depths of my gray matter..that you the seller MUST be able to accept payment in whatever country currency you're selling in.

I staunchly refuse to open up to selling in China or Japan. There's so much fraud and I experienced over 3 months of BS, attempts to hack and more last year due to Asian buyers that wouldn't pay up.

I will sell internationally with no qualms with the exception of Japan and China.

Thanks Steve!
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