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Reply to "A subversive idea for sellers"

I am new to Ebay. I have only done about 50 transactions. So maybe I am off on how I see this whole thing but I think its going to actually be GREAT for GOOD Ebay sellers.
because more people will be encouraged to use EBay because they will see it as more trustworthy and its less intimidating to the buyer now. which means more customers for everyone. With the number of buyers down and the number of vendors up, its rough out there. I think it might be good to thin the herd a little.
More over, prices go up, its a fact of life. If a persons business model is so shaky that a few bucks is going to kill their margin than it was never a viable business anyway because if it wasnt Ebay it would have been something else that would have removed them from the commerce food chain.

I think alot of people are whinning and wringing their hands instead of figuring out how to be more competitive. Boring.
And I have no intention of boycotting or "striking" as some people were calling it. Its stupid. Ebay is not an employer, its a free market place. We dont live in a little town and Ebay is the steele mill that employs everyone. Ebay is like an open market bazaar. Some of the people "striking" are my competitors. Good. Most of them suck. I only respect about 10% of the people that do what I do and the rest are clogging up our section with shit no body wants to buy but they have to get through it to get to me. Im glad they are boycotting. I wish more would. They suck at what they do. They should be glad if anyone buys anything at any price from them because they suck so bad. They are tools. They should be thinking about how to get better, make more money or sell different things or moving on. What a bunch of babies.

2. The people that suck will eventually leave and that means more buyers for the people left
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