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Reply to "A subversive idea for sellers"

Organized? I'm sorry, are you kidding?

Sorry, got to agree with JeffS here (don't always Wink ), it happened relatively on the spur of the moment, you cannot rally 100,000's of sellers in a matter of days, and without the support of the big boy power sellers (who are not going to pay their staff to pull 1000's of listings each for a week long boycott and then pay thier staff to relist them all again) without good notice assuming they wanted to participate.

This needed to be organised well in advance and there was plenty of time before May before feedback changes cut in.

Can't say I noticed more than a slight dip in active listings, sure more activity on other sites, probably due to sellers spreading their eggs amongst other venue baskets which is what I am doing, but like me they cannot afford to stop on greedbay just yet.

As I have said on another thread here, fees are proportional to STR, and the bottom line is money, for greedbay, you and I !

Greedbay is no longer an online market place for the individual they are now courting GM one of the biggest companies in the world how does your turnover and products compare with them, it is a sign of the future growth plans of greedbay.

And didn't I see a mention about Sears in Auctionbytes, isn't that a major US store, courting them too ?

Eventually greedbay will be torn between satisying the commercial giants and their own shareholders, I wonder who will win when the cards are down, oh to be a fly on the greedbay boardroom wall when that happens Smile
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