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Reply to "A subversive idea for sellers"

Originally posted by ChooChooGuy:

Sorry, got to agree with JeffS here (don't always Wink )

I wouldn't want you to always agree. It makes for healthy conversations.

Now, what do I care about GM and Sears? I could care less if eBay is courting them. They don't sell what I sell, they are no competition to me.

I am still free to sell whatever "junk" I want on eBay, and nobody is throwing me off. It just costs a little more now. The "flea market" aspect of eBay will NEVER die, you can't kill it.

The new fees suck. Sure. Last night I had an item close at $17.50. I decided to look in my invoice log to see the fees.

I found a pre-hike item that sold for $19.99 had a FVF for about $1.05. My $17.50 item had a FVF of $1.53. Yea, that sucks BIG time, but hey, I SAVED a nickel on the listing fee. Wasn't that great?

The point is the items still sell. I still make money. Every other alternate site would not have sold this item because nobody would be looking for it there.

Time to move on, get back to selling, take the hit, and forget it. GM, Sears, Junk pushing PowerSellers? Who cares?

Feedback? Who cares? Stars? Who cares? My feedback and stars are good now. Why should they all of a sudden change? I don't expect any problems with buyers, and if I get the random bitchy buyer, I'll deal with it then.
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