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Reply to "A subversive idea for sellers"

Jeff -

I'm sorry you feel that you have to just be passive and accept the pap being shoved down your throat by eBay. And I truly wish you well there. But I wouldn't hold out much hope.

As far as unorganized, you are correct when you say huge numbers of eBayers did not know of the boycott. The announcement was thrown at us at the end of January, and we spent weeks trying to communicate on eBay's community boards but they kept pulling posts and banning members. If we even mentioned the NAME of a banned member, then we would also be banned. It felt as if we were practicing shunning of other members.

By the time we went off-eBay, yes, time was short. But we are proud of the impact we did have in such a short time. And we can argue until the cows come home, but I flat do not believe eBay wasn't affected. They skewed the reports so badly (and then refuse to "reveal" how they reached the numbers they put out to the world) that nothing from them is accurate.

We now have two more months to continue to gather and plan. We have no doubt that eBay will go on just fine without us. But my point is they will no longer monopolize the online auction world as they have to date. They have come to think there will never be any competition because they are KING. Well, they are WRONG.

As far as traffic to the new sites, you are also correct in that eBay has it hands down over any others. But don't forget that not too long ago, eBay was the very same. And also the only one. But today we have so many more choices, eBay can no longer monopolize the market.

You have every right to continue to sell on eBay, as many others do. There are thousands who have become dependent on eBay as the only source of income, and they are now stuck because, as I said, no other sites have the traffic. YET. The members who are in support of boycotting eBay have NEVER critized those who continue to sell. We do not have that right. We have no idea of their reasons for doing so, and it is each individual's choice to make. Our goal is to get word out to those small, "flea market" sellers who are blindly going about their business, not knowing what is about to happen to them.

I, personally, refuse to "take the hit" and "forget it." And if you believe that your feedback and DSRs won't take a hit, well, more power to you. Many sellers have already reported buyers who are trying to use the new policies to extort, not knowing these policies haven't taken effect yet. I personally am one of them. I've had my problems with buyers, but I also have a perfect FB score. But just like everybody else, the DSRs WILL dump my rank to the bottom. I hope yours stay way up there amongst the elite, I really do.

Good luck to you all.

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