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Reply to "active content"

Hello gemutti -

I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you've run into within your account. Please note that the Active Content tool we've been running only operates on Active Listings on eBay that are eligible for revision. This tool continues to run for accounts on paid plans approximately every 48 hours, however it would not have had any effect on the data in your saved listings.

While we are in development of a tool that will operate very similarly for Saved Listings, that tool is not yet available, but I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding that becomes available.

In the meantime you would need to remove any active content from already saved listings or Seller Details profiles to be able to save or post them to eBay. If you are uncertain what active content may exist in a listing, you can use the Get HTML button for that listing from the Saved Listings page and copy that HTML to be pasted in the tool available HERE , and if you then view the Markup tab on that tool you will be able to identify any active content.

Alternately, if you are just concerned about the description portion of a listing, you can copy your description text from the editor and paste into Notepad and then delete your description completely - then copy it back from Notepad and paste that back into the description area of the editor, which will strip out any additional content. You are likely to have to reapply any formatting if you do this, but it should remove any active content from a description.

Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig
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