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Reply to "advertising ideas for your online stores"

for anyone considering buying yahoo adwords

(which I dunno if worth buying or not, would prolly depend on price, type of product, and how low you already rank in searches)

Just got a flyer in the mail from yahoo and they have a sign up for "sponsored search" (adwords) and get a $50 credit.

Dunno if there's other better offers out there or not, and dunno when this one expires.

For this one, visit or call 866-878-4607 and mention promo code USDM0099B

Like I said, dunno if better promos out there or not, so might search around first before signing up. And, like I said, signing up might not be truly worth it for some.

Oh, fine print on flyer says that you have to put in $5 of your own money and that the $50 is credited to your account on yahoo and cannot be cashed out. There is also minimum bid requirement of $0.10 per click-through.
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