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Reply to "Alert!!.Feebay Employee in FORUMS !!!!"

Originally posted by eWonders:
Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Originally posted by weirdpatrick:
Donna can you do some close checking???

It's like ewonders said...It's Dave.

Wahm..she looks like a double spy...let's get her!


Glad to hear your doing well eWonders.

Moved yet?

Hi Donna,

Yes we have moved. I am glad I'm not doing that for at least 3 years, or longer!!!! What a nightmare.

Tonya has started Law School & the kids start private school after Labor Day. I think it will be ok up here in the North.

Donna, on another note. I pitched some of your thoughts to my team. I appreciate your input Smile


Glad to hear this southern gentleman is doing well up in the land of northerners. <smile>

You have my email and if you need anything else..lemme know!

Are you going to continue selling on eBay?

Take care, Donna
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