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Reply to "Alert: Site Maintenance Mnnday, March 6"

Hi Roamer,

No I don't buy insurance BUT only because I'm based in the UK. I've asked in another forum whether it may be available in the UK at some point.
I would love to buy insurance through Auctiva.
I don't know anything about the USA but postal insurance over here is totally restrictive.
You can have 'recorded' i.e signed for, but that only covers about $60 and that's if you're lucky AND you can be a***d to fill in all the paperwork AND the recipient is helpful.
The next one we have above that is the proper insured package but that STARTS at $15 per item.
PLEASE give me an insurance deal that I can use over here.
I've recommended Auctiva to loads of people but unfortunately all are UK based, so in a way we are using resources for free with no way of compensating for that.
As I've said, even though it's free it is really great to use and I'd love to help.

That's up to Auctiva management.....

Regards, Stu
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