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Reply to "Almost in our new house - closing was today!!"

<throwing confetti>

I can't wait to hear how it plays out. I remember you talking about how cramped the space was that you were in. (whilst we were all discussing cramped storage of our eBay items)

The girls will love it!

I love North Carolina..I have family in Asheville and try to get up there as much as possible. Summers are wunnnnnderful! Falls are gorgeous! Springs are a delight with all the spring time flowers in the mountains.

To make you feel's what I did (I handle everything but the earning of major bucks in this household). The day we closed on this house..I had everything set up, electric, telephone, gas, cable, people to help us move in, meals, beer, beverages and more. I thought I had it ALL together.
The operative word is...thought.

We did the walk-thru before closing. Flushing the toilets, running the dishwasher, starting the stovetop & oven and more. Yep..all was functional. Check, check, check. Everything working electricity, gas and everything that runs on water.

Well, we got busy moving and there was a need to use the facilities...No water to flush. I said..WHAT? I called the electric department and they said, M'am, you're on county water..we don't handle that. What? Help me, Please! I have children and all kinds of persons here helping out. I "assumed" that the electric department carried our water as it had done for decades. Oh no M'am, you're in unincorporated and we don't handle the water out there.

I made a fast call to the county water and they swore they'd be out first thing in the morning, trusting that I would be into town to sign the papers the next day. (which I did)

We got all moved in but couldn't even sleep there the first night as we wanted showers and ended up staying elsewhere the first night. Next day, we had water bright and early just as promised <smile>

My best to you and yours. I wish I could give you a loaf of bread and a jug of wine for a blessing on your new home.

It all works me!
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