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Reply to "Almost in our new house - closing was today!!"

Originally posted by marciay96:

Anyhow we made it and our girls love their new house. They only snag so far is that our friendly house cat (yeah right) is still over at the apartment as he REFUSES to get into his carrier to come to the house! You cannot even get near him with the carrier without him hissing and trying to rip you leg or arm off, literally. I got him in the carrier once but could not close the door without him taking my hand off! So that is the last thing we have to move as we have the apartment until Saturday.



I was thinking of you the other day and hoping everything went smooth.

So glad to hear the girls are happy and already loving the house.

Our cat was the hardest thing to get into this house. My second son was finally given the duty of getting the cat into the carrier as I couldn't nor could my daughter. I don't know how the cat got in there and I wasn't about to ask questions either. <smile>

Have fun setting everything up!

Check in with us when life slows down,
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