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Reply to "Another one for ya...iOffer...need answers..."

Originally posted by cavaleriesoldaat:
Suthrnjewl-----are you like the "uber sell on the internet" Smile

Anyway...why the thumbs down? wife says hy...she's from Texas

Uber Seller Reporting For Duty!

I have given most of the more known sites a go (and some several times) at selling at one time or another in my 7 plus years of being an online entrepenure.

At IOffer..they were great about getting my items into search engines..AND they're still in search engines even though I have no items up there.

But for what I was selling..the offers were miniscule and the few sales I got were a waste of my time and effort.

That's my market that didn't do well. You just never know with your item. I've always advised everyone to try sites themselves and seeeeee what works.

I know others right now that do great business on Bluejay and some on Overstock and some on Bidville. It happens not to work all that well for me..but for others products they sell like hotcakes.

The best advice I can give you and your beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful Texas wife is to try every single avenue at least once to see if it's going to fly. If it's like a dodo bird, then you can dump it without much outlay of cash (every time I've tried various sites it was free trials or free startup, etc so I wasn't out funds) But who knows what your selling might fly off the shelf's like hotcakes!

Go for it!
Have a great weekend!
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