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Reply to "Anyone do best offer?"

Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
I cant see where we can haggle with them??? Steve???
what i did was in the reply box said "i can't go quite that low on this, but I could do $xx.xx" (knowing that the person would probably counteroffer, and wording it in such a way as to not totally put him off if he thought my counteroffer was too high).

the buyer then replied with a counteroffer that was closer to my price, which i accepted.

i dont remember if it let me put in the price in the counteroffer or not, but even if it doesnt, you can put it in msg.

hope that helps

--------- edit ----------

i just went and looked, and ebay let me put my counteroffer price in one box and my message in another.

And what i said was "I cant go quite that low, but I can meet you pretty close to there. I could go down to $347 for you."

buyer then counteroffered with $325.00 and I accepted, and gave him a feel-good message by saying something to the effect of him being a tough sale. dont remember exactly how i worded it (and dont have record of it) but essentially told him that it really hurt to sell it so low, but that i'd do it for him. End result, He's happy, I'm happy Smile
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