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Reply to "Anyone do best offer?"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
I looked through this seller's sales for the past 30 days and there are a whole lot of "Best Offer" transactions so apparently it works for some people. Maybe it makes the customers feel like they're getting a great deal or something when they're actually paying around market value?
my thoughts are that the typical ebayer is shopping on ebay because s/he wants a deal. And once they submit an offer, they become emotionally attached to the piece. after working to get it, through series of negotiations, they end up feeling like they got a great deal and are happy.

I could be totally wrong, but that's my thoughts on it.

It doesnt fully transfer to ebay, but nonetheless - We sell mainly at shows and customers there want a deal and want to feel like they got a good deal. We used to not haggle at all except on the expensive pieces ($200+). We upped our prices 25% (what used to be $200 is now $250) and can now haggle on most pieces. I can give the person 10% off and sometimes they take it right away, sometimes they want to haggle more. I can still go down to 20% off and i'll be right back at where we used to be on price, the customer feels happy cause s/he got a deal, and we get sales that we might have missed out on in the past because of not haggling. And, other customers that dont haggle have been just fine with higher prices. Course part of that is cause our main line we buy cheaper than most wholesalers, so for many items we were really too cheap.

but anyway, haggling in person on transactions has really helped our sales, so hoping to have similar experience on ebay. time will tell.
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