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Anyone else having this issue? Image showing not active when it is.

I have item I listed through auctiva. When I go into my images it shows a listing is done which is indicated by 1. Next to that it shows 0 if nothing is actively listed for that item. IF item IS listed it normally shows 1 for in listing and 1 for actively listed.

I have at least one that has this as 1 0 but yet it is showing up on ebay.

Matter of fact interestingly this was one that ebay snagged me on duplicate listing same day it was listed.

Auctiva says I listed through ebay or imported from another site. WHY in the world I would pay them and list through ebay is beyond me.

Now how in the world auctiva template would show up with my code at bottom if I did directly through ebay is beyond me. (as this was fresh, BRAND NEW listing as I just got item in) Also, I believe I would sure remember uploading photo into ebay this was just 2 days honestly I would have to think through their process I do it so seldom.

Has anyone else had this issue?
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