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Reply to "Anyone else having this issue? Image showing not active when it is."

Originally posted by obi-wan50:
What they are suggesting by clearing the cache does not work. They are also suggesting that I change my browser. This really sounds like they are "grasping at straws".
I have been with Auctiva for many years and the reason I went to Auctiva in the first place was because of their versatility and expediency. This no longer appears to be the case.

Their next suggestion was to copy a run command and they would then pass the results on to their engineers.

I'd better not say to much more because I'm about to swear (badly)!!!!!

The time it takes once the "post" button has been hit and for the screen to change is ridiculous.
If Auctiva cannot resolve their issues, I for one will be walking away. I have put up with this frustrating annoyance for too long.
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