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Reply to "Anyone have any tips for taking pictures of dark fabrics?"

Originally posted by marciay96:
Just wondering if anyone had tips they would not mind sharing. I am struggling with taking pics of two RL boys shirt, one navy and the other dark green. The pics keep coming out all greyed and washed out.

I have other navy items that I can take pics of without too much problems but these two I am struggling with. I take my pics on a white background in natural diffused light and I do not use a flash.

I have also posted on the ebay boards and have only received a few tips. I did look on the photo board but sometimes tips there are too technical for me.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


I hate when that happens. Most times NOT using the flash works for me. Or Bounce the light off the wall if you're using light on a stand as versus an overhead. Overhead always seems to screw up my colors.

Suthrnjewl<-----not a photo guru

Hey Marcia wanna see what I'm doing?

I was hired by this gentlemen in my area to be his assistant.

Here's some pics I took. I'm proud of myself...of course, I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to take those. <smile>

Talk about work...those pics were some of the hardest I've ever taken in my life. I'm learning but it's slow going.

My Best,
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