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Reply to "Artificial Blood Experiment"

Hi WAHM....

Intersting Point... did you know in the chemist dictionary... "Poly" is a Plasticide bonding agent. To bring together.

So.. with out "Poly" .. Heme would not bind the oxygen and CO2 to the Hemotopes...

Also, Margarine main binding agent is "Poly"

or... "Plasticdes" aka... "PLASTIC"

If you put a tub of butter and a tub of margarine in a field. No animal, bird, bug or insect will touch the margarine... ever!!!

But, the butter will be gone in a matter of days. This is why I dont use, cook or sunbathe with margarine.

Butter, is a "Natural" element and is processed by the body "Naturally" I only use Butter. Personall, I think Margarine, causes problems, like blood clots, lumps, stomach and intestinal problems in the body.

It's just my thoughts about "Poylheme"... the "Plastic Blood"

Thanks for letting me share... Smile
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