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Reply to "Auctiva Insurance and Canada Post"

My postal facility gave me MAJOR GRIEF NUMEROUS times about scanning packages. They do not want to do it..period!! Their words to me were "you are a non-revenue producing customer so we will not scan your packages". "We received an email telling us not to scan them unless a product in our facility was purchased." (should have bought 2 cent stamp). I said, great give me a copy of that email and I will fix this for you, so there will be no confusion on who said/wrote what. (they of course, could not give something they did not have) I assured them that I was, in fact, a revenue producing customer and asked them to be scanned (nicely again). Refused!! I have used this facility for years and one clerk ruled all the women there, (the men did their jobs)! I got supervisor (who wanted to argue it a little more.) At time I was only asking them to do insured packages. After SEVERAL rounds in the post office over this over many months, I came unglued, stood in their facility & called district office as well as 800 # right there in facility, that I was going to get to bottom of it for once and for all right then and there. Needless to say they scanned for that day, but I thought going to finish this off. I called 800 # as well as the district office. Postal workers were told to scan them! Every now and then a worker will still remark about it & I give the look and one of the clerks will tell them to just do it.

My thought is it is their JOB period!!!! In the time they spent arguing it, they could have scanned them.

Worker in post office has told them to do what I tell them to do with my packages. I am sure they would love to tell where to put them...but they know I will report them in a heartbeat.

This is NOT only facility in our area who has given me grief over this. But since I usually use this facility I addressed it there.

However, I have found that if I am in different facility & ask for scan and they refuse, if I tell them I am calling while standing there in facility my request is usually granted with a smile (or gritted teeth) either way it is done.

Note...If you do not get scanned and it misses scan for some reason, you will pay the price if someone says they did not get it. I have many that never hit a scanner.

Just cover YOURSELF!!!

FYI...from my experience in stores...

Let me assure you....THERE is no clerk or manager in a store or post office that wants you to stand there and call customer service. They hate it if you say, oh, what is your 800 # I am going to call it right now and see if that is policy. If they refuse to give it...I nicely look it up start the call I have rarely had to make the call, as normally there is all of a sudden a policy change made very quickly! OR IF I do go through with call, I also report clerk refusal to provide number. Done this about 4 times in 5 years....but works GREAT!!!
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