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Reply to "Auctiva is having issues"

Hi rainonthewindow & Tnfancylady,

The issue which was causing these errors has been resolved for quite some time now, so you should be able to resume working within your Auctiva account effectively once again.

Also, we did encounter another issue around the same time which caused us to be unable to verify whether some eBay listings were posted successfully. If you were impacted by this issue, you should see messages like the following when you click the red number in the “Notifications” section along the top of your account:

eBay has reported item xxxxxxxxxxxx has posted, but we are not able to verify it at this time. Please check to see if this item exists on eBay before reposting.

If you encounter any further difficulties moving forward, please contact our Customer Support team directly from under the "Help" tab on our site and we will be happy to continue working with you.

We apologize, once again, for the difficulties.

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