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Reply to "Auctiva Store Affiliate Program Reducing EBay Fees"

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Buyers click a link to your Store (with the refid code) that you've placed on another Web site or in an email. Or ME page.

eBay MUST have this code in order for you to receive your referral fee code.

You can't use two html at the same time for the same link. You can either use the refid code or the Auctiva store code.

Do you have the refid code in your email signature when communicating with your buyers?

Do you have a link to save you to favorite seller with the refid code?

Here's more in depth explanation.

You should really set up your own website. Even if it's just linking back to your eBay sales with the refid code. Those qualify for referral credits, too.

You could open a free ecrater store, too. No fee's to eBay and if you accept Google Checkout through out the coming fee's.

Best of luck,

Thank you Donna for your quick reply. I have the refid code on my e-mail and sometimes when a buyer is asking about buying additional items, I ask them if they would use the refid link and that works. I had one seller very worried about using the link and she didn't buy anything. I have put the link asking if they want to be on my newsletter list on my auctions, but not too many have responded to that. I guess I should be putting up the favorite seller link since so many people say they will be back.

So when you talk about adding a link when you communicate with your buyers, do you mean when they are asking questions or should I be sending this link after they purchase for next time? I always include a packing invoice when I send the item to my customer with the refid link. I also tell them to just google my store. But now it sounds like just googling my store name without the refid link wouldn't give me a referral credit? Is that correct? I'll have to read more on your link. Thanks again for answering so soon and I'll check out that ECrater store.
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