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Reply to "Auctiva Store Affiliate Program Reducing EBay Fees"

So when you talk about adding a link when you communicate with your buyers, do you mean when they are asking questions or should I be sending this link after they purchase for next time? I always include a packing invoice when I send the item to my customer with the refid link. I also tell them to just google my store. But now it sounds like just googling my store name without the refid link wouldn't give me a referral credit? Is that correct? I'll have to read more on your link. Thanks again for answering so soon and I'll check out that ECrater store.

The refid code of my Suthrnjewl eBay Store store is used via html in my email signature. I also use it in communicating with my customers via ebay messaging.

I have the refid code on my ME page with eBay.

I have the refid code on my web domain ( link back to my eBay store.

I have it in every sig line via html on forums I belong to.

I have the refid code on my networking Suthrnjewl Myspace and my Kiss The Cook Blog and my MSN Suthrnjewl Blog.

Whereever I can...I have the refid code via html...I do not miss the chance to ever receive credit for my fee's back from eBay.

Hope this helps. Feel free to join my auction sellers forum to gain more knowledge.

Take care, Donna
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