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Reply to "Auctiva store catagories"

Hi iancccc,

Hello again. I reviewed your search category called "Me and noticed that you have "Any Words" selected for the search logic, which means that search category will return items that have any one or more of the words "Mens Gifts", "accessories", or "wallet" in them.

If you were to change the search logic to “All Words”, the search category would only return the products that contain all of the key words entered for the search category in the listing titles.

However, I just tried clicking on that search category within your Auctiva store today and I did not receive any results so it looks like you may have changed something. That behavior seems to be appropriate though because I don't see any of those 3 words in the titles of any of your active listings.

In order to make this search category return the desired items, you will need to modify your keywords for the search category such that all the items you would like it to return (and no others) contain at least one of those keywords.

If the titles of those items are so different that it would not be feasible to do so, it may be worth considering changing the way you title your items so you can make them fall within the desired search categories.

I hope this helps. If you would like further assistance with this from our customer support team, please feel free to fill out the support request form on the following page of our site:

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