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Reply to "Auctiva support on off-Ebay selling sites"

Make sure you are using our inventory feature. The easiest way to get your items into the new site is by having inventory going. Without that we don't have a good way of knowing if you have 1 or 1000 of an item. And if you only have 1 you're probably going to be selling that on eBay because they have the most buyers.

Hi Jeff,
I was wondering if this new off-ebay store will sync inventory with ebay so as not to sell more then what you have.
For example say i have only one copy of Amazing Spidr-Man #1 and have it listed on your new off-ebay store and on ebay as well. If i sell it from your store will it sync with ebay and remove it. Or if i sell it on ebay will it sync with your off-ebay store and remove it.

Also will it import your ebay listings to the new store and/or export store items to ebay.

Thanks Ray
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