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Reply to "Back to Basics - 20 ¢ Core Insertion Fee Sale – Two Days Only!***"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Well, they did give us a 'sale' (if you can call it that) but not exactly what I was hoping for..........wahhhhhhhhhh.

Oh well.

Not what I was looking for either magie...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We dont know how well the .20¢ listing sale went last month..if it didnt go as well for ebay as they expected...Im sure we will continue to have .10¢ listing sales. If it went well, then Im sure BTPS is right on about never having another one.

If they dont give us one next month, maybe we should get a petition going to bring back the .10¢ days and we can go to all these seller boards and get some names.
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