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Reply to "Back to School in Florida"

Originally posted by AngelLisa:
Wow, Already? Heck we haven't even been out a month yet. School don't start here until Sept. 7th still aways away.

Tell me bout it Lisa.

My oldest came home this afternoon to do his laundry (I think he smelled my banana bread cooking from his apt, ha) and he couldn't believe when his "baby" (16) year old sister starts back to school.

He's talkin like an old timer...Momma, I remember when we were didn't start until..yada yada.

I just love that he reminesces this way.

And yes, it's too dam* early...I wish we'd wait till after Labor Day.

I would think their moving the dates up because of the hurricane days of last year and the year before ate into the children schedules and put graduation behind about a week. Who knows? It's all politics. <smile>

Take care, Donna
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