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Boycott, How assinine.

I participated in every boycott over the years, and this one too. Here I am sitting on the sidelines, nothing listed, and I watch the site numbers daily for listings to see what happens. What happens? Very little. I realize the numbers were inflated last week with the 20 cent sale day, and there will probably be a big drop in listings later this week, but you know what? This boycott isn't going to do shit. Just like all the other ones didn't do a thing. How much do you want to bet that only 1% of sellers even know there's a boycott, or just couldn't care less?

I've been reading angry messages from sellers in numerous forums. What percentage of the total number of sellers do you suppose that represents? 2%? 3%? 5%? Everyone is screaming they're going to bring eBay down. Yea, right on brother.

Then there is the group that's screaming they're leaving and never coming back. It's the final straw. Go elsewhere. I'm setting up my own shop, blah, blah, blah. Does anyone think a 1000 people leaving will do anything? 10,000? I don't think so.

Fact is, for a seller like me, there is no where else to go. My type of item does not lend itself to some obscure private store. Those other web sites have no sales, no buyers, no items.

I'm really so sick and tired of what's happened this week, it's disgusting. Selling for 11 years, and now this turmoil.

"Go to the other sites and the buyers will follow!" What crap. The buyers are going to go to eBay, because that's where the items are, and always will be. All of these "big sellers" I see who are "moving out" don't have any of the items I'd want to buy anyway, so what effect does that have? None.

Oh, by the way, oil closed above $100 a barrel today. Are you going to boycott the oil companies too?

The world is just F'ed up. Greed runs it all.

Ramble over. No use replying.
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