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Reply to "Boycott, How assinine."

Well I did a bit of research and as far as I see it, the cost is 2.9% + $.55 per transaction, which isn't that bad on higher priced items. And if your PP account is not pay 3.9% + .54


So, on a .99 cent bid, I won't lose money on the deal......where now, 1 bid and I still lose money unless I inflate my shipping.

Am I off somewhere????

My math...
Cost 0
starting price: .99
selling price: .99
Ebay Shipping: .00 (buyer pays s/h)
Insertion Fee: .15
Paypal: .34(Bailey's calc) .58(my calc)
Gallery: .00
FINAL VALUE FEES: .09(my calc)
Total Fees = .58(Bailey's calc)
Total Fees = .82(my calc)
Sale Profit is: .99
GAIN: .41 (Bailey's calc)
.18 (my calc which includes the FVF and PP charges as I understand them)
It's an aweful lot of work for .41, but an incredible amount for .18
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