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Reply to "Boycott, How assinine."

[quote]here is no sellers union where a usable collective can be motivated. Without that there's nothing.

Jeff, there isn't yet, but take a look at what these people are saying:

The problem facing eBay sellers is a collective problem, and therefore requires a collective solution.

Only the eBay users themselves can truly break the eBay Inc. monopoly, rescue our auction businesses from destruction at the hands of corporate greed, and save the original eBay person-to-person trading concept as an open marketplace of equals.

The eBay users—united, in our millions—can make a new fee-free home for ourselves on the Web and simply move there en masse, replicating the traffic of the site.

Together, we can recreate the eBay Community, beyond the reach of eBay Group, Inc. The users made eBay the first time, and we can do it again—this time to suit our needs, rather than just line the pockets of FeeBay executives and shareholders.


They've got a plan. Check it out, it may be a start, it may be a big dream, but they have a plan.

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