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Hi shazian22,

I understand that a few different users have been reporting various difficulties with our website on our Community Forum lately, but I have not seen any other customers report that they are unable to access the listing creation page within Auctiva as you have described.

I fully realize that you cannot get much use of your Auctiva account while this problem is ongoing but there are not any known issues on our end that would explain this behavior and I cannot reproduce the issue in your account, so the only way to resolve this problem will be to engage in some additional troubleshooting.

It is extremely strange that you are unable to access all the pages within your Auctiva account except the “Create an eBay Listing” page and, although I don't know of anything specific that *should* cause that to happen, I believe there is something unusual with your browser, internet connection, or the path between your network and our systems that causing this problem.

I do recall working on one case in the past in which a user was able to access the home page of one of our sites but was unable to log in thereafter and, in that particular case, the user ended up needing to reset his router to resolve the problem so you may want to give that a try next. Other than that, I have not heard of anything like this before.

If you continue to encounter the same problem after doing so, the next thing I recommend trying is logging into Auctiva through a different supported web browser to verify whether the problem is specific to your original browser or something else that impacts multiple browsers. How to proceed from there would depend on the results of that test.

Phone support is not included as part of your plan so, if you need further assistance with this after going through my latest suggestions, I encourage you once again to file a support case from under the “Help” page on our site. Resolving this unique problem may require trying a number of different and that can be done most effectively through a support case.

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