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Reply to "Can you guys spare some prayers"

Originally posted by megnsamsgrace:
The last dr we saw said he would be too scared to do surgery because he would rip back open. So if it is a herniated disc, then your friends surgery sounds perfect. Whats is the recovery time?

Recovery time?
She walked out of the hospital. Outpatient surgery in the morning and out by 5:00 that late afternoon.

She was home recuperating and felt up to snuff in two days and almost totally well in 3 days.

She swears by this type of surgery. She was a former nurse in her before children life. She's been home with her children since their birth but keeps up her certification with ongoing ed classes. So I DO trust her and what she states about the surgery.

It's definitely a new approach and I'm not sure if your doctor would be willing to try..but it's worth a try.

Sending good thoughts,
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