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Reply to "Can you guys spare some prayers"

She thinks its a "bulged disc" whatever that is. So he goes back on Friday and we will get the results and see what can be done. Thanks again, Steph

Now that's what my husband has and my g/friend I was speaking of.

A bulging disk is the same as a herniated disk.

Be sure to do research there's plenty of information.

I have no clue about chiropractors. Hubster won't go near them. I've not ever <knock on wood> had a need to try one.

But I do know that the gelatin disk is the cushion between the disks and once it's seeped out from between the disks...ouch! Nerves are exposed and it's VERY paintful!

Hubster never had surgery to correct the problem. When he has a flare-up, which is once or at most twice a's usually anywhere from 3-5 days bedrest, ibuprofen and alternating hot and cold compresses.

Keep me apprised! I have sent good thoughts and strength both of your way. (along with continued prayers)

Take care, Donna
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