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Reply to "Cant get best offer to show up"

it magically starting working about an hour after it stopped BUT I got the generic answer from auctiva AGAIN saying that when you choose fixed price the best offer shows up

I KNOW THAT ALREADY!!!! I was saying it was not showing up and it happened to someone else also..SEE ABOVE!

I have 1000's of listings in auctiva and create tons of listings every day for cds and dvds and I know how the best offer works

so frustrating to get an answer like that. for over an hour today I could NOT get the best offer to show up.

just wanted to know what was going on

this is the answer I got

"The "Best Offer" option is category specific for Fixed Priced listings. Once the listing category has been selected, the "Accept offers from buyers" checkbox option will appear just under the "Start Price" / "Buy It Now Price" area in our lister, if it is allowed for that category and you have selected "Fixed Price" as the sale type of your new listing. If it does not appear, then the "Best Offer" option is most likely not available for the category that you have selected. "

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