Changing Template of Active Listing

I've seen several old posts saying that the only way to change a listings template is to change it in the Saved listing, get the HTML code and then copy+paste into the active listing html editor on the eBay site.

For us, this isn't going to work very well and it doesn't seem like a very efficient use of our time, with around 1,500 items that would need changed...

Is there an easier way of doing this or are there plans to implement a better editing tool for live listings in the future? We know it's possible to change a listings Description, and quite easily, through the eBay API. And it also seems that when Auctiva was fetching our listings, they also changed our live listings to include the Scrolling Gallery at the TOP of each listing description. So we're really struggling to understand why the template can't be inserted when they can easily (and without permission) insert the scrolling gallery?

We were hoping to use Auctiva as it would be more cost efficient than developing our own program and keeping it updated every time eBay decides to change their API, but it doesn't seem like we're going to have much choice.

Hoping you can help us out with this!

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