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Reply to "Cheap shipping boxes: where do I get them?"

Boxes are my biggerst Dilemma and I need HELP!
I sell mini's and the weigh 1-2-3 oz etc.
If I get free USPS boxes they're priorty mail and the smallest weights more than another 2 oz. Total maybe 4=5 oz and they have to pay that much.
If I use 1st class the dang box still has to be big enough to have the label on it without bending over the edge. That increases the weight.
Also if they want 1st class and insurance it has to be big enough for the ins. sticker and the tracking sticker.
People are griping. I have sold some bigger items and the free USPS boxes work fine. But I have over 1500 minis.

1. I need small light weight boxes. HELP!!Anyone have a source?
I asked on the mini's thread on ebay and they told me to go to the newbie thread. I'd already been there and they said to charge $4.60 period.

2. Also, what if we don't use PayPal for postage, does the buyer lose some benefits? I told one lady that with Priority Mail through eBay and Paypal she has tracking and some other benefits.....she said I was nuts. This is the propoganda I read when I started on ebay. Maybe it's not true???
Later she said she did see that shipping that way did include the tracking which is another 50 cents, but still was unhappy. I offered just to use a small jewelry size box with postage stamps and a stick, still came to almost 3.00 but she didn't want that!

I need help. I don't blame people for not wanting to pay $4.60 for a 2 oz items, but I can't figure out what to do.
I don't want to eat the postage either. USPS and PayPal has us over a barrel.....or am I missing something?
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