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Reply to "Chirstmas in July?"

Glad you brought that up as I've been flip-flopping about what to do about the 4th holiday.

Some people are saying that they are making a long weekend out of the holiday and taking Saturday thru Tuesday off. (Including or not packing up and leaving Friday night) That means four days (or more) with folks gone or four days where folks could be bored and sitting in front of their computers spending money.

I hadn't decided one way or another.

I do know with gas prices the way they are and the heat factor of this summer, alot of persons I know aren't going anywhere.

Tell ya what I'm gonna do..I'll hit some of my selling message boards and get a general feel for the Christmas in July Sale. (didn't we do this last year or the year before?)

Thanks Magie,
(sorry, I still haven't sent you my mailing address, DOH! I'll get to it today)
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